Community Connex is an online, social networking tool that allows users to gather, discuss, and publish resources that are important to communities and groups.

What sets Community Connex apart from other portal systems is the ability for users to define the issues that are important to them through the language and resources that speak to their specific community and needs.

Social networking applications allow individuals and groups to define themselves individually, but, more important, they can help people to make connections and form relationships across geographic and social boundaries. Strong networks of relationships help to sustain communities by creating spaces for brainstorming, deliberation, sharing, and memory.

Schools & Communities Learn for a Sustainable Future

The SoL Education Partnership, a national learning community of schools and communities, is a multi-year effort to form strong collaborative relationships within, between, and among schools and communities in order to create systemic change for a sustainable future.

Oral History Association Network

The Oral History Association network seeks to bring together all persons interested in oral history as a way of collecting and interpreting human memories to foster knowledge and human dignity.

iSchool Digital Humanities Network

The iSchool Digital Humanities Network is designed to foster networking and exchange among interns involved in the IMLS 21st Century Librarian Grant: Digital Humanities Model Internship Program

Information Habitat

The Information Habitat is a network for scholars, researchers, and students to collaborate and share their work.
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